10 Easy Ways To Tame Frizz on Rainy Days

Like me, you probably feel like your hair can make or break your look for the day. We all love a good hair day. Unfortunately this week, the weather here in New York City has decided to not cooperate. Rain and humidity can wreak havoc on perfectly styled hair. However, you’re not completely defenseless against mother nature. Here are my 10 rainy day hair tips.

1. Minimize Washes



If you’re entering a rainy week and you have five days of rain to combat, you’re going to need to wash your hair at some point…it’s a given. When you do blow dry your hair, blow dry it thoroughly. Any extra moisture in your hair combined with the rain and humidity is no good. The best way to make sure you get out all the moisture is to blow dry your hair in sections. This will ensure you don’t miss anything.

3. Hands off

It’s our natural reaction to touch our hair when we think it’s getting frizzy. We try and smooth it out with our hands. Don’t do this. Try and keep your hands out of your hair, particularly when it’s raining. This creates more friction in your hair, therefore causing even more frizz. If you’re someone who touches your hair a lot, maybe consider learning a new hairstyle. I know. Easier said than done but give it a go.


4. Products are your Friend

When it comes to keeping the frizz controlled, consider using a lightweight conditioner, hair oil, serum or hairspray. Living Proof makes a great spray to deal with frizzy hair instantly calledNo-Frizz Instant De-Frizzer. It also comes in atravel sizewhich is perfect for your purse or gym bag. If your hair is being really stubborn, you can try a product likeGhost Oilby Verb.Rahua’s Legendary Amazon Oilis a new favorite! They’re effective but also really lightweight. If you want a lightweight hold without a heavy product, consider usingTRESemme’s Micro Mist在没有称重的情况下放置头发。

5. Skip the Curls

I love beautiful curls and waves as much as the next person but it’s an uphill battle during this type of weather. You’ll just end up with frizzy hair that’s loaded up with a ton of product. That’s never a good look. Opt for more sleek styles created by a hair straightener.


6. Straight and Sleek

There’s no better time to wear your hair straight and sleek. My go-to straightener is from Ghd. Thisstraightenerwill give you an ultra sleek look without the damage.

7. Hair Accessories

Get out all your favorite hair accessories…bobby pins, headbands, scrunchies, you name it! Use these to hold the hair in place and add a little spice to your rainy day look.

8. Master a New Hairstyle

Updos and sleek ponytails aren’t as vulnerable to frizz-inducing conditions. Mastering one or two of these styles will have you prepared for when the weather turns. You can check out some exampleshereandhere. As I mentioned above, bobby pins are your friend. You can get them in different colors likehereandhereto show them with different geometric designs.

9. Wrap your Hair

当外面在下雨和我have someplace important to go, I wear a scarf to hold my hair in place. It’s nice to double up with an umbrella! This will minimize any moisture in your hair.

10. Sleep on Silk

The slip pillowcase is a must in my world, so I’d recommend this pillowcase to anyone who wants to minimize frizz, raining or not.

If all else fails, head to your local DryBar for a professional blowout. For those ladies who have an important meeting or interview, I don’t think this is a bad option. Just don’t forget your雨伞!


Thanks for reading!

xo, Olivia

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